Pets Enriching TroopsP.E.T. is proud to have a dedicated, hardworking team of both staff and volunteers, it’s their tireless work that helps continue P.E.T.s vision. But we still require as much support and help promoting our work. 

We have branches in the UK, and the US, running incrediable events including P.E.T. Class, P.E.T. walks, P.E.T. Me sessions and much more. All of which require help both promoting, and supporting running.

Every hour of support you can offer P.E.T. is truly appreciated . (And you get to hang with some incrediable dogs, a win win in our books). 

Check out our “Service” tab at the top of the page and see some of our incrediable “P.E.T. Programs we currently offer. There’s a short contact form which you can use if you wish to volunteer some free hours towards that program. 

Other ways you can help?

We know time is precious, balancing working and personal lives is a constant juggling act, so even if you cant volunteer we still have plenty of ways in which you can help raise money for P.E.T. including